2010 EYE TO EYE: Paintings & Drawings by Paul DuSold & Ben Solowey

Still Life by Paul Dusold

Still Life by Paul Dusold

EYE TO EYE: Paintings and Drawings by Paul DuSold & Ben Solowey, featuring a collection of artwork by award-winning painter Paul DuSold and works by Ben Solowey (1900 – 1978) selected by DuSold. This is first show at the Solowey Studio of a contemporary artist in sixteen years. Paul DuSold carries the drama of the Spanish painters and the subtlety of the Venetian masters in his brush. His palette is lush but not flamboyant. He describes his work as ‘atmospheric realism,’ and his canvases evoke a beautiful luxury of everyday objects. He favors still lifes, portraits, and figure compositions, and we will present a selection of these paintings and drawings in our new show.

In our Main Studio, we asked Paul to chose works by Ben Solowey from our collection. Our goal was to see Ben’s work through the eyes of another artist, rather than a historian or curator, as well as to showcase the work of a painter who shares with Ben Solowey a love of beauty, color, light, and form.

On Saturday June 19, 2010, DuSold gave a portrait demonstration in the Main Studio at 2:30 pm. Visitors wer invited to witness history as DuSold painted the first canvas in the studio since Ben’s death in 1978. 

Like Ben, Paul is one of the few accomplished portrait painters who not only can capture the personality of his sitter but also speak intelligently to an audience while doing it. We are thrilled to have Paul be the first painter to use Ben’s remarkable studio.