Past Exhibitions 1992 – 2008

Ben Solowey, 1954 Photograph by Frank Hollin.

Ben Solowey, 1954
Photograph by Frank Hollin.

It was Rae Solowey’s wish for the Studio to remain intact for future generations to enjoy. In 1992 when we opened the door to the Studio, conventional wisdom said that there was no audience who would travel to an obscure location to see an artist’s workplace, no matter how unique.

As we can look back over more than a decade of exhibitions, we can count the hundreds of visitors (many of whom visit regularly), and see that Ben Solowey is more popular now than ever. Ben’s studio is perhaps the last of the great artist studios that once littered this landscape, and people from all over now travel to see the wonderful world Ben and Rae made for themselves on the farm.

We often hear from people who have only recently discovered the Solowey Studio, that they wish they could see some earlier exhibition we have presented . In the past, we have explored many aspects of Ben’s career from particular periods in shows such as New York in the Thirties (1993) andEurope ’24 (1995), to genres in Flights of Fancy (1997) and The Modernist Impulse (2000). There have also been our series of well received joint exhibitions with Ben’s contemporaries such as Arthur MeltzerHenry Pitz and William A. Smith.

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